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What Is The Cambridge Phenomenon?

The Cambridge Phenomenon, a term first coined by Peta Levi in a Financial Times article in November 1980, describes the incredible explosion of technology, life sciences and service companies that has occurred in the city since 1960.

Set against the backdrop of the University of Cambridge the cluster has evolved into one of the world's most enterprising networks of people and companies. For many years, the Cambridge Phenomenon has been the subject of business, economic, political and academic interest for those directly or indirectly involved in its companies. Our goal is to promote that interest and try to answer some of the questions that arise from the debate.

CAMBRIDGE IDEAS change the world



The Future of the Cambridge Phenomenon

The human race faces a number of global issues - Climate Change, Education, Energy, Food, Health, Security and Water. None of these can be solved by any one science or for that matter science alone. Solutions will need to be cross-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary, embracing science, technology, engineering, economics, politics, industry and commerce.

Within the context of Cambridge, combining leading science and technology from within the University with the experience of local entrepreneurs and those attracted from around the world to be part of the Cambridge Phenomenon, provides the opportunity for expansion of existing companies and the founding of new enterprises to address these global issues.


In the 50 years of the Cambridge Phenomenon, there have been many examples of spin-outs and company start-ups which directly and indirectly leveraged science, technology and people from the University and combined them with the experience and business acumen of entrepreneurs to create successful companies. There has never been a greater need or opportunity for intensification of this over the coming decades.