St. John's Innovation Centre , University of Cambridge

St John's Innovation Centre

We advocate the use of technology in education.

The University of Cambridge brings excellent education resources and innovation to talented students, encouraging them to aspire to their own dreams. Cambridge is surrounded by more than 30 university colleges: science and technology parks; incubators and innovation centers; local high-tech companies and British subsidiaries of well-known international companies.

Akin to America’s Silicon Valley, Cambridge is the famous British Silicon Fen also known as the ‘Cambridge Cluster’. Many British domestic and international companies are connected to the University of Cambridge's laboratories and the Innovation Center , who in turn, commercialise the university's research results. The cooperation between academia and the private sectors continues to enhance the development and prosperity of the Cambridge phenomenon. 

The Cambridge Education International centre (CEIC) takes advantage of the geographical benefits, using high-quality educational resources, cooperating with University of Cambridge professors and research scholars to develop our business networks and business expansion. Our services not only cover short-term campus training, education and cultural exchange programs, early year education system development and International schools, but also involvement with higher education cover at different levels. 

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We advocate the use of technology in education.

Four Core Businesses


Cambridge International Education Centre

works closely with some of the top European universities and business schools based on our rich resources and diversified network. In addition to the University of Cambridge, we also cooperate with the University of Oxford, Heidelberg University, HEC Paris, and the Lausanne International Business School of Switzerland. We collect top business management innovation and ideas to integrate with practitioner’s practices and well-known academicia to provide one-stop services for strategic development for senior talents in companies and provide a European cultural experience to accommodate BRICs  international visitors . At the same time, we customise various types of training courses and tailor those courses to clients’ unique needs. Through a series of cooperation of setting up international schools and introducing an education system, we intent to link the world's outstanding educational institutions together to achieve win-win cooperation and development.


Cambridge International Boarding School

According to the Hurun Report, rich Chinese families believe that "Britain is their first choice for secondary education". The United Kingdom is the cradle of aristocratic elite education, with Eton, Harrow and other world-famous public schools. The application process is very simple, and we will provide you with full support. If the application is successful, it will take approximately 12 weeks to complete four steps , if you want to know the details, please contact our consultant via email or Tel: 03303 500668.


Cambridge Stars International Nurseries/ Early Year Teaching System Curriculum Development Centre

CEIG works with researchers and the faculty of the Children's Research and Development Centre, University of Cambridge. We are developing an integrated pre-school education system “Cambridge Stars International nursery” for BRICs countries based on British the nursery system. We are introducing the advanced Western early year education system to BRICs, combining theory with practice. There are two parties involved in this research: one party is a management group at Cambridge headquarters, the other is in Wuhan, China. Researchers in Cambridge and in Wuhan are jointly developing and improving the Cambridge International Early year and nursery theory system and supporting teaching materials.


Cambridge International Education Institute

o provide services and a platform for international Higher education bodies who are interesting in cooperating with a British University to run an international Higher education programme, including Bachelor degrees with 2 +2(two years in home countries and two years in the UK), and also Master’s degree 3 +1 + 1( Three years in home countries, 2 year in the UK), students and teacher exchange programmes etc.

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