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Cambridge Stars International Nurseries

We developed  Cambridge Stars International nurseries with Stars Day Nurseries which is a chain of Early Years Education settings based in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, UK.  We committed to providing outstanding childcare and early education for children and their families with our business partner. We are extremely proud of our Nurseries and Pre-school settings and the supportive, stimulating learning environments they offer.

We work in close partnership with families and professionals and aim to build supportive relationships based on honest and open communication. Our ethos is to support, educate and nurture and this commitment is at the heart of all we do. It is an ethos which encompasses our belief that the child, and their individual learning journey, is best supported by highly trained and experienced Early Years Educators. We strongly believe that every child has the right to learn and develop to their full potential. Our staff teams are focused on delivering child care and educational programmes that support each and every child and fully meet their individual needs.

As a well-respected and experienced Early Years Provider, Stars Day Nurseries are extremely proud of the service we provide and in September 2018 celebrated our fifteenth birthday. We are committed to investing in and growing our dynamic staff team and settings. We have high aspirations and incredibly high standards and we believe that our Nurseries and Preschools exceptional achievements clearly demonstrate that our commitment to children and their families is outstanding.

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Early years education

The Five Development Domains

Physical Development


The way in which a child develops biological and physical functions, including eyesight and motor skills.

Social Development


The way in which a child interacts with other Children develop an understanding of their responsibilities and rights as members of families and communities, as well as an ability to relate to and work with others. 

Emotional Development


The way in which a child creates emotional connections and develops self-confidence. Emotional connections develop when children relate to other people and share feelings with.


The way in which a child communicates, including how they present their feelings and emotions, both to other people and to themselves.

Cognitive Skills

The way in which a child organizes information. Cognitive skills include problem solving, creativity, imagination and memory. 


We see the potential in each child

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Why are Cambridge Stars Day Nurseries different to everywhere else?

  • All managers and their teams are always striving to improve the service we offer
  • We all work well together as one big family
  • We have a diverse culture and aim to provide a service that will meet the needs of everyone
  • We encourage and support members of staff in their roles and are flexible with all our staff 
  • We are professional in our approach
  • We see the potential in each child and aim to support and extend their learning and development through carefully planned, learning experiences. 
  • By focusing on the whole child and acknowledging their individual rights to participate and be heard we aim to empower and challenge children to meet their full potential.
  • Our inclusive approach ensures that children’s needs are met by supportive, knowledgeable staff, who are adept at supporting the child and their families with advice and guidance. 
  • Dedicated directors who are willing to drive the company forward, the staff are fully supported by Management and practice is modelled so junior staff are able to learn and develop. The key policies are consistent throughout the10 settings but still made personal to each setting in order to create individuality.